Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Nice prez by Richard Stiennon  on Post Apocalyptic Cyber Realism. Richard lists several `apocalyptic scenarios` of the sort we have been warning years ago... and then gives examples showing such attacks `in the wild`. Few of the attacks he listed are not  in my list, I should add them. 

Oh, and I really should add the table I've done of many attacks. And maybe upload my draft-paper on the main Internet vulnerabilities and how we must fix them to reduce motivation and risk of cyberwar. But too busy now with several works about to be submitted (dnssec and dns security in general, TCP traffic analysis, DDoS, covert channel, more...), and making major improvements in my courses for the term beginning next Sunday... If you're really interested in any of these, ask me by email. Or wait, hope to post soon...

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